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Vicky Montefusco – River

Jan 10 2020 - Audiophile DeepdigitalVicky Montefusco – River

Vicky Montefusco
River - Alternate Version
Vicky Montefusco
Vicky Montefusco
Knock Out
Vicky Montefusco

Veteran Vicky Montefusco has been entrenched in the music since the late 90’s where he first got his footing playing private parties in his home country of Italy. Fast forward 2 decades and he is releasing on some of the most revered labels on the planet including Nein and others with his indie dance / ebm / and italo leaning productions. Audiophile Deep is the newest label on this list where Vicky’s music is to be heard with ‘River’, a four tracker of dark and moody tracks.