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Space Food – Primal Source (TouchTalk Remix)

Jun 10 2019 - Bodhi CollectivedigitalSpace Food – Primal Source (TouchTalk Remix)

Space Food - Primal Source - TouchTalk Remix
Primal Source - TouchTalk Remix
Space Food
Space Food - Primal Source - TouchTalk Extended Remix
Primal Source - TouchTalk Extended Remix
Space Food

Back on Audiophile Music Group once again, this time on their Bodhi Collective label, TouchTalk over the years has synonymously seen success with the label as they continue to show why they are one of the hottest exports out of their country of Brazil in their own right. 

Earlier this year Bodhi Collective released ‘Primal Source’ from Space Food which immediately showed legs as it dominated Beatport’s Melodic House & Techno hype charts for 2 months. TouchTalk was an immediate choice as a remixer as the two groups have a very similar approach to melodic tech house & techno. They hit the studio and immediately came up with a massive big room hypnotic cut that adds another angle to this already fantastic original.