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Space Food – Primal Source EP

Apr 1 2019 - Bodhi CollectiveSpace Food – Primal Source EP

Primal Source
Space Food
Aztec Culture
Space Food
Primal Source - Extended Mix
Space Food
Aztec Culture - Extended Mix
Space Food

Hailing out of St. Petersburg, Russia, Space Food has consistently been in the spotlight of tech house’s sound revival of 2019 as it shifts away from tracky rhythms to a more harmonically rich palette once again. Their newest EP‘Primal Source’drops on Audiophile Music Group’s Bodhi Collectivelabelthis spring on April 1st, during a slight transformation of the imprint in itself. 

Massive grooves and selective melodic components make the a-side ‘Primal Source’ a bonified floor weapon as well as putting it in the listening hot seat for online streaming. It’s chugging bass groove weaves within the percussionand melodies to create the perfect syncopationwith selective vocal cuts before key parts of the track. 

On the b-side ‘Aztec Culture’ presents a more tribal based option with a rolling tom groove and ethnic vocals to create a unique and earthy vibe. Both selections are perfect for those looking for an angle on the peak hour floor to get bodies moving.