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Kenneth Scott – Shakti Excess EP

Jun 20 2019 - Audiophile DeepdigitalKenneth Scott – Shakti Excess EP

Kenneth Scott - Shakti Excess
Shakti Excess
Kenneth Scott
Kenneth Scott - Comet 67-P
Comet 67-P
Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott is back with his much awaited follow up after his appearance on Audiophile Deep’s revered ‘Occupants’ series that released earlier this year with his brand new ‘Shakti Excess’. Known for his off kilter productions that even leave enthusiasts baffled, Kenneth has been on a mission to produce unique club tracks that can translate into the listening world. 

The EP starts with the title track ‘Shakti Excess’, a peakhour leftfield techno stomper with careful detail to every facet of the track. With a brutal groove, warbling stabs, unique rolling bassline, and accent hits – it’s not for the feint of heart and provides a different futuristic approach to the genre. The B side contains ‘Comet 67-P’, a groovy and organic electro track which has a curious feel from the quirky and spaceship reminiscent synths that create the atmosphere of the track.