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James Hartnett – Crystal Eyes EP

Jan 11 2019 - Audiophile RecordsdigitalJames Hartnett – Crystal Eyes EP

James Hartnett - Crystal Eyes
Crystal Eyes
James Hartnett
James Hartnett - Day By Day
Day By Day
James Hartnett
James Hartnett - Crystal Eyes - Extended Mix
Crystal Eyes - Extended Mix
James Hartnett
James Hartnett - Day By Day - Extended Mix
Day By Day - Extended Mix
James Hartnett

No stranger to Audiophile Music Group’s catalog, James Hartnett in the past had immense success on as his releases as “Yerboi”via their Audiophile XXL label. Since then, he has decided to run with a new project under his own name –one that floats around the absolute necessity of injecting vibey and infectiousgrooves into each production.Doing time as an engineer with the legendary Boiler Room, he has been exposedtothe top echelon of electronic musicculture.With a string of upcoming releases that fit across multiple of Audiophile’s labels, ‘Crystal Eyes’now joins the rank of the house dominant Audiophile Records catalog.

The A side of the EP begins with the title track ‘Crystal Eyes’, a jazzy/funky house trackwith minimal elements. Soothingvocals that ride the trackandclever piano chord stabsare used to drive the track along and provide an ultimate crossoverbetween the dance floor and the stream-o-sphere.

Following up on the B side comes the fantastic ‘Day By Day’. Starting off the track with a vintage vocalsamples that carries through the timeline of the record, it is met with a furiouslygroovy drum trackandmidrange bassline stabs.