Audiophile Music Group
Franky Wah – Lie To Me (Sirkea Remix)

Mar 18 2019 - Bodhi CollectiveFranky Wah – Lie To Me (Sirkea Remix)

Lie To Me - Sirkea Remix
Franky Wah
Lie To Me - Sirkea Extended Remix
Franky Wah

Back on Audiophile Music Group’s label chain, Sirkea this time delivers a massive remix of red hot Franky Wah’s ‘Lie To Me’–an artist that has received a tremendous amount of 2018 support from legends like Steve Lawler. With elements from the deeper side of Sirkea’s sound he takes us on a journey through a vibe filled record with a crescendo ending in a very cheeky and exciting acid rift –a style Audiophile has become notoriously known for in the North American circuitover the past few years of releases. Mixed with powerful vocals from Franky Wah’s original, Sirkea inverts an already unique track into his own out of his Los Angeles based studio. With possibilities in both the streaming and dancefloor world, there’s a lot to love with this one.