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Change Request – Acid Watts

Aug 8 2019 - Audiophile DeepdigitalChange Request – Acid Watts

Acid Watts
Change Request
Acid Watts - Lewis Beck's Wide Awake Remix
Change Request
Acid Watts - The Outfit Remix
Change Request

Andrew Emil’s ‘Change Request’ project has been an expressive outlet for him since it’s creation. Never a dull moment in what to expect out of his Chicago based studio, his palette goes all the way from downtempo ambient, sleazy mid-tempo tracks, all the way to off kilter high bpm records. He comes to the Dallas, Texas based Audiophile Deep with his brand new ‘Acid Watts’, a 105 bpm acid track that has completely captured the hearts of the label’s A&R team. The package comes with remixes from label familiar Lewis Beck whom offers a higher bpm indie version, as well as The Outfit with a stripped back tech house number.