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Ancient Deep – Time Feat. Cry No Màs

Jun 27 2019 - Audiophile DeepdigitalAncient Deep – Time Feat. Cry No Màs

Ancient Deep - Time
Ancient Deep
Ancient Deep - Time - Deetron Remix
Time - Deetron Remix
Ancient Deep
Ancient Deep - Time - DJ 3000 Remix
Time - DJ 3000 Remix
Ancient Deep

As one of the most anticipated releases to ever be released on Audiophile Deep’s expanding catalog, Ancient Deep is a duo that most people will quickly become familiar with. Along for the release is fellow collaborator Cry No Màs for their newest bidding ‘Time’, an exceptionally classy tune that hits on all the elements of a timeless track (no pun intended) with it’s vibey vocals, clever stabs, and stunning breakdowns. As an additional cherry ontop of the package both the legendary Deetron & DJ 3000 have concocted their own versions of ‘Time’ in vastly different flavors.