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ADMN – Chaw

May 9 2019 - Audiophile DeepdigitalADMN – Chaw

ADMN - Chaw
ADMN - Chaw - Black Asteroid Remix
Chaw - Black Asteroid Remix

Easily one of the most anticipated releases on Audiophile Deep’s catalog this quarter, ADMN is back after a slight hiatus with his brand new single ‘Chaw’. It’s really one of those records that is best just heard but in the wake of a proper description it’s a leftfield monstrosity that borders the lines of techno, tech house, electronica with a extreme amount of energy and the perfect secret weapon on the dance floor. Best believe, it’s definitely been tried and we can vouch. Legendary producer Black Asteroid adds his dark mechanical twist to the package with a massive remix on the other side.