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Co-founder of Sicily based DOT collective, in 2015 he graduated at Point Blank (London) and comes
out with his first EP "drop"; Since then he has been focusing on producing music, releasing by
marked labels like KDB, Shake, Be One, Claps, Reshape, Emotive, Muskox.
Attending Jager Music Lab academy in Berlin, in 2017 he is chosen by J├Ągermeister to represent the
brand in some of the most important international festivals such as Movement, Astro, Nameless,
Spring Attitude and Kappa Futur Festival.
Unrazze's mission is to enjoy the music he loves with his audience, his sets characterized by constant
grooves find the perfect mix between techno and house genres as containing energetic rhythms full of
details enriched with vocal cuts; All features of the sound path he loves to propose in his productions.

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