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Silent Revolt

Influenced by Miami's eclectic music diversity growing up in the 80's, Emilio AKA Silent Revolt developed his love for music at an early age. From breakdancing to graffiti, house parties to warehouse raves, he developed his love for the underground and experienced what some consider "The Golden Age of Underground Music".

It wasn't until he began collecting techno/house records in the early 90's that his passion for electronic music took grip. As years went by, he honed in on his signature sound and secured many residencies. Most of which were in Miami, Miami Beach (South Beach), Ft. Lauderdale, and Tallahassee FL. He toured the state extensively and played alongside some the most prolific names in the industry.

After a 10 year hiatus to explore a different career path, Silent Revolt has relocated to Detroit, Michigan. The inspiration of being in the Motor City, the birthplace of Techno, has rekindled his love for music, and the rebirth of his music career.

Most recently he has taken his skills and extensive musical knowledge into the studio. With releases and remixes scheduled throughout 2019, Silent Revolt looks to step foot on stage once again.

Silent Revolt Releases