Audiophile Music Group


Haidak is an up and coming American DJ and Producer, who has found his home base between Amsterdam and Koh Phangan. Producing for more than 10 years, he has created a signature sound that spans genres from techno to house. Strongly influenced by late 90s house, techno, and electronica, he has created productions that are gaining recognition throughout the industry. He has had multiple successful releases on labels such as Audiophile Deep, Click Records, EIN2, Say What? Records, and Tentacles Recordings. These releases, as well as his upcoming productions suggest a promising career for this Producer & DJ.
Initially influenced by electronic music from the greater Washington area, his sound has continuously developed throughout his time in playing in Barcelona and especially gaining traction in Amsterdam.
His drive to fuse dark, deep and driving elements throughout his production and his live performances in the form of DJ sets are absolutely flawless, creating an immersive experience with the audience. Never focussing on a single style, he manages to create a remarkable journey through his record collection.