Audiophile Music Group


Going against the norm has been FOOLiE’s modus operandi from the start. Having dabbled in Trap and Hip Hop production and the local oversaturated dubstep scene, FOOLiE eventually found his true calling in House music. Rather than following the standard formulaic production approach, he opted to follow in the footsteps of underground producers and crafted his own sound with inspiration from his love of all things sci-fi. Like many of the great works in the genre, his beats just keep listeners on their toes. As House of Bangerz – the latest label he worked with – put it, “FOOLiE’s productions make no sense, and yet they do.” It is his unique productions that led to FOOLiE’s discovery andlabel debut by way of This Ain’t Bristol’s Billy Kenny, the man that’s known for being a connoisseur of the strangest of sounds. In the week leading to his label debut on This Ain’t Bristol, insomniac selected Oxy as its track of the day. Oxy, the second track off the Boogie EP, was described as “a groggy little number that bumps and grinds...until the second drop hits and the squelchy synth lines steal the focus.” Upon its debut, the EP earned him spots on the top 200 Dance release charts in Denmark (#2), Sweden (#15) and the U.S. (#31). The tracks were featured on sets by Billy Kenny, Maximono, Danny Kolk, MKJAY and Warung. Since then, FOOLiE has been busy riding the momentum of his first release to produce new tracks and collaborations. He currently has additional releases on Red Paradise Records and a full EP on House of Bangerz. With a stacked release schedule that will be released throughout the summer on Expression Records, My Techno Weighs a Ton, House of Hustle and Psycho Disco, FOOLiE is just getting warmed up. Keep an eye on him, his career is just starting but he has already proven he can stand alongside veterans in the game.