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Dante Benami

Dante Benami started his “career” as a music producer at a tender age of 10. His first tracks were produced on Amiga 1200 computer and software called Pro Tracker. After that he never looked back. He started doing tracks for (at the time very popular) computer DEMO scene. Only 2 years after, at the age of 12, he encountered art of dj-ing. Interest in the field of dj-ing led to his first residency only 2 years later thus at 14, becoming one of the youngest djs in Croatia.

At the beginning of the 90s he was mesmerised with the weird sounds coming from music he heard that would eventually turn into rave and later techno. He was and still remains a child of the first rave generation. As a DJ,in the 90s, he started a techno revolution in Croatia, which was at the time more house oriented. In 1999. at one of his DJ gigs in the neighbouring country of Slovenia he met his future wife DJ Trick-C, who later went on and became “the first lady of Slovenian electronic music”. Twenty years later their love for music, and each other, are still strong. They produce music together, organize events and are trying to “pass the torch” to younger generations by holding DJ classes, production classes and giving them opportunities and guidance through the world of electronic music.

For years Dante Benami and Trick-C hold their monthly residency together - “BodyWork”, where they promote interesting people in electronic music. As a DJ, Dante Benami, developed his style of tech house and coined the term "Neotech". Neotech is a synonym for groovy dance rhythm, influenced heavily by the 90s european rave scene where he started his career. Dante remains to this day a mysterious person, who rather than his face exposes his music projects. One of them is his first solo album "The Greatest Story Never Told" released on one of america’s finest music labels - Audiophile Deep Records. "The Greatest Story Never Told" is an album that is heavily influenced by the various styles of electronic music from the 90s.

As for the people who influenced his career as a DJ and a music producer Dante names only three: Laurent Garnier, Derrick May and Terry Francis.

With his wife and partner in crime he runs a record label - Electronica Futura through which they share their love for music with the world. And why not? Music is the medium of love and love is the medium of music. In the current flood of emotionless music releases, heart and soul are rarely to be found on the dance floor. Therefore Electronica Futura was born.

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