Audiophile Music Group

Daniel Allen

Akin to the mysterious sea anemone, Daniel Allen's sensibilities extend from deep underground straight up to the glimmering surface. Since his start in '89, he's had his tentacles in everything — 80s, drum & bass, house, techno, and all fusions thereof — giving his DJ sets a riveting, tactile quality.

Young junglist Dizzy emerged from Houston’s after-hours spots in the 90s. Then a decade later, with an entire record shop at his fingertips while working at Chemistry, a more cultivated Daniel Allen dove into production. For the last 10 years, he’s continued to mix his palette with unwavering meticulousness, garnering the support of labels Audiophile Deep, BluFin, Bush Records, Harmonious Discord, Headset Recordings, Panhandle Records, Whiskey Pickle, and several others. The last 3 years alone caught the attention of Viva Recordings, Red Ant Records, Picknik, Colour & Pitch, Tilted, Beatamin, Marinated Music, and The Pool House. Still in scope’s view, and swimming deep in A&R, DJing, and a flood of remixes, collaborations and solo work, he’s inevitably delved into live performance — proving that Daniel Allen’s three-decades-deep passion continues to take him, and his listeners, to new frontiers.

Between steering the helm of misfit record label Denied Music and studio work, he can be found at his residencies at renowned Austin venue Plush and Techno Club in New Orleans.