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DrumStation Ableton Live Drum Rack & Sample Pack

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Originally intended as a paid product, we’re giving this away for free, to hopefully inspire you a bit during this time. Using the classic Novation* Drumstation rack-mount drum synth, a TR-808* and TR909* clone from the 90s that has a few interesting features, we’ve meticulously sampled every tune and distortion step for every drum sound. 

A Little History

Novation Drumstation

Image from PerfectCircuit

Released in 1996, the Novation Drumstation was one of the first commercially available 808/909 clones that used actual synthesis vs just samples at a much more affordable price. The unit was not analog, but used Novation’s proprietary digital “Analog Sound Modeling” (ASM) to recreate most of the sounds from the 808 and 909 drum machines. While it lacked a sequencer it had a few unique features such as distortion for most drum sounds as well as “front cut”, which moved the start point of the sound by a few milliseconds for either an extra “click” on kick sounds, or different sounding hats and cymbals. Added bonuses were MIDI, DIN-Sync Trigger output, 6 additional assignable outputs for processing individual sounds as well as 20 factory and 15 user program memory.

Novation Drumstation Sample Pack

The Sample Pack

We’ve sampled each sound at 24bit / 96KHz and then recreated each of the Drumstation’s instruments (808 & 909) as Ableton Live Drum Racks. Because a full drum rack in this sample pack will contain over 10,000 samples, which may work well for bigger CPUs, we’ve also included “light” versions and both full and light versions of the individual drum sounds as Ableton Instrument Racks. This way you can create your own combination of sounds in a drum rack best suited to your computer. You can, of course, use the samples directly as they’ve been labeled for each sound and instrument. We hope you enjoy using this as much as we enjoyed making it!

System Requirements: Ableton Live 10, Minimum 8Gb RAM, Minimum CPU i3 or similar.

* Novation is a registered trademark of Focusrite PLC and the names “TR-808” and “TR-909” are registered trademarks of the Roland Corporation.


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