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Audiophile Prophiles: Damon Jee

When Lewis Beck approaches you to do a remix, what is the collaboration process like?

Actually, it was not Lewis but Scottie and Jimmy from Audiophile who asked me for the remix. They asked me which artist in their catalog I would like to remix, and after listening to a lot of tracks I thought that Lewis Beck was the more suitable track for me, with his pop electronic feeling.?

Compared to Lewis Beck’s original, what different type of sound, emotion, etc were you trying to invoke with your music?

I wanted to keep the pop spirit but more playable in the club, with dark disco sounds.?

What’s your musical background/ what are your musical influences?

My influences come from rock, new wave, and the electroclash scene with bands like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Vitalic, etc. More recently, with artists, such as Andrew Weatherall and Pachanga Boys.

How does France influence your music? What is the France electronic music scene like?

I’m affiliated with the indie dance and dark disco genre, and, for me, this style takes root the most in France and UK, where the scene has always been alternative and oscillates around rock and electronic music since the 80’s…of course, artists from other countries have been part of this, but the core comes from here I think.

What does your process look like in the studio? How do go about starting and finishing your tracks?

I start with the main musical idea, whether it be a synth, another track, etc. After, that I put my personal drums and other sounds needed to put the main idea into perspective. For a remix, it’s generally easier because there is already the main idea.

Who are some of your favorite artists releasing music right now?

In Electronic Music, Simple Symmetry, Rebolledo, Sascha Funke…?

What kind of new technology are you using in the studio or for DJing? Mainly using Software, Analog, Modular, etc?

I’ve used Logic for years. I just started practicing with the Octatrack MK2 from Elektron, probably will use it more in the near future.

Do you have any advice for aspiring music producers?

Just be yourself and make the music you like.

Do you have any future releases or live shows lined up?

Yes, I have a new release on Correspondent co-produced with Darlyn Vlys. Additionally, a remix for Dino Lenny on Fine Human, a remix for La Dame Noir, and another one for Dave Seam. I have some awesome shows coming up in Berlin, Paris, London with Eagle & Butterflies, Belfast with Cyence, and with Daryl Vlys.

Jimmy Freer is a founding partner in the Audiophile Music Group. With over a decade of experience as a label owner, DJ, producer, and a sound designer he strives to help push the joy of electronic music to fans around the world.


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