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Our New Logo

A good logo is at the heart of every brand in existence, which is also why designing or re-designing a logo is one of the toughest challenges for any company. For us, this resulted in nearly 6 months of sketching out ideas, revising, scrapping countless concepts and many, many discussions over which directions the logo should go in. 

Identifying what’s important

For Audiophile, we needed to understand what makes our logo stand out and how to either evolve that concept or break away from it completely. We knew from the onset that the “head” was the most easy to identify part of the logo and also that which made the logo “us”. We also understood the need to bring that design into a state of timelessness, which is quite a challenge. We tried out a variety of designs revolving around the head, but in the end we knew we needed to try something completely new. About half way through the process, we had a set of “almost there” concepts we felt would resonate with our audience. At this time, the typography also began to evolve and move away from what we had before to something much simpler.

Inspiration and Visions of the Future

Audiophile is run by nerds and as such we had at our disposal a wealth of references from Science Fiction, conceptual art books and our imagination. Together with Ian Douglas, our lead designer for this project we eventually arrived at something that referenced our initial “head” icon, but also portrays our love for the music and how integrated the music is in our lives and those of our audience. Our choice of typography was inspired by the late, great Syd Mead’s work from his Sentury book. Once we saw it come together, we knew we had it as we could easily see this on the side of a 32nd century intergalactic cruiser operated by Androids:

Audiophile Music Group Logo

Audiophile Music Group is a collection of fanatical electronic music lovers that translated our passion for the music and culture into a multi-faceted record label chain in late 2012 starting with our now retired Audiophile Live label. Since then we have launched Audiophile Deep, Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Records, Bodhi Collective, and Eukaryota and have helped to launch the careers of thousands of artists across an ever expanding line of genres.


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