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Announcing: Science Cult, Our First Venture Into Vinyl

August 22nd, 2019. Audiophile Music Group, Dallas TX

Zwart Goud Distribution

Today we’re proud to announce our first venture into Vinyl releases with our new label: Science Cult.

Science Cult will be distributed by Zwart Goud Distribution, Amsterdam NL.

Science Cult is the brainchild of Techno veteran Stefan Weise (Gem Records, Wolf Trap, Framework Records) and Audiophile Music Group co-founder Jimmy Freer. Science Cult was born out of a desire to deliver a high quality product that isn’t just another digital release, but also a tangible product manufactured to a higher quality standard, hence the emphasis on exclusivity and vinyl before digital.

The sound of Science Cult can generally be described as “Electro”, but also encompasses a wider spectrum of Techno, IDM and experimental electronic music as these are genres that Stefan and Jimmy are passionate about. Therefore it’s encouraged to follow that which make Science itself exciting: experimentation, exploration and discovery.

Each release is curated and picked exclusively for the label. The release schedule is relaxed to place emphasis on promotion and allowing each EP to live as intended before moving onto the next. Vinyl releases are usually at the forefront with digital and streaming to follow afterwards.

We operate on the idea that in order for something to be precious, it must be rare and / or specially selected according to a set standard.

Check out Science Cult on:

The first Science Cult release is coming October 4th, 2019:

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