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Audiophile Prophiles: Mike McFly

So Mike, since this is your second release on our label, it’s about time you tell us a little bit about yourself!

M: Of course, will do. So I’m Mike McFly, I make dirty house music. I am originally from the Netherlands, but I reside in Spain most of the time now. I do all sorts of things within the tech and bass house realm really. Apart from producing, I also do co-production, mixing and mastering and I mentor a bunch of upcoming producers.

How would you characterize 2018?

M: It was a crazy year, I got released on some of my favorite labels. Getting a record out on Dirtybird Select was pretty special for me, as were the releases on This Ain’t Bristol and Relief. The support has been overwhelming and it has been crazy seeing some of the biggest names in our industry playing my records out live. That really drives me to push forward!

Flysawce Vol. 1 got picked up in Beatport’s Tech House of the month chart, back when it released in June of last year. What are your hopes for Flysawce Vol. 2?

M: Yeah man, that was crazy. It go my tracks on the radar of Fedde Le Grand, Afrojack and Malaa, who all supported “Woah Nu Edit”. I am hoping to cause a similar ripple with this release, as I think these records are stronger and more balanced. “Moneymaker” is a straight dancefloor stomper and “Major Dork” is quirky and fun. I am very thankful for the tremendous push Audiophile gave the previous record, because people around me kind of got what I was working so hard on. Being played by these guys, is the sort of stamp of approval you need once in a while, to carry on and stay motivated.

So what’s the plan for 2019?

M: Well I’ve decided to challenge myself by going a bit more techy. Just to see how that would turn out. I heard Zombie Disco Squad say in an interview somewhere, that every year he evaluates what he wants to do with his sound, and I really like this way of thinking. So far though, I have noticed the quirky, weird, rumbling sounds I usually incorporate, manage to sneak their way into my techy productions. Which is good, because people will be able to identify it with Mike McFly. Another goal for 2019 is to do more gigs in Europe and maybe get a tour together for the States.

So you’re mentoring a bunch of other producers now? What is your number one tip for aspiring producers?

M: Put the hours in. That’s what I keep stressing to my mentor students as well. Sure, I offer shortcuts and try to help them to avoid the traps I have fallen into during my journey as a producer, but there is no substitute for practicing. So, even if you have like a 1000 dollar budget, I would say, sure – maybe invest in a pair of decent monitors and some studio headphones, but the best strategy is to take a week off and just put the hours in. No amount of hardware synths or high end monitors, will do for you, what practice will do for you. So put the hours in.

Famous last words?

M:That kick and bass combo really tied the room together did it not?

Jimmy Freer is a founding partner in the Audiophile Music Group. With over a decade of experience as a label owner, DJ, producer, and a sound designer he strives to help push the joy of electronic music to fans around the world.