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Black Friday Deals for Audiophiles (Updated!)

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bargains within the audiosphere for our fellow audiophiles. So let’s get into it shall we?

List is being updated as we find new deals:

ADSR (up to 70%) (Offering Various Financing – No Credit Card Sign Up Needed)
Antares (68% off Harmony Engine EVO and 63% off Mic Mod EFX)
Arturia (50%)
Audiority (up to 50% off)
Audio Damage (35% off with code: YOLO)
B&H Photo, Video, Audio (various deals)
Beatport (up to 50% off with code: CYBERSALE)
BlueLab (Up to 70% off on many plugins)
Bitwig (25%)
Celemony Melodyne (50%)
D16 Group Audio Software (50%)
Dada Life (Sausage Fattener & Endless Smile) (25%)
Eventide (70%)
FabFilter (25%)
Glitchmachines  (40% off all purchases with code: BLACKFRIDAY)
Goodhertz (25%)
Image Line (50% off Harmor, Grossbeat and Vocodex in a bundle)
iZotope (20%-70%)
K-Devices (up to 79% off)
Klevgränd (40%)
Kilohearts (60%)
Kush Audio (up to 50%)
Krotos SFX, Foley etc (50%)
Lexicon Reverb (up to 75%)
Loopmasters (up to 70% off)
Native Instruments (50%)
Oaksound (plugins soothe & spiff) (30%)
Output Kontakt instruments (25%)
Patch Hut (50%)
Plugin Alliance (50%)
Plugin Discounts (various discounts, including many already on this list)
Plugin Boutique (free iZotope Neutron with any purchase) (20%-70%)
Producer Spot sample libraries (70%)
Propellerheads (up to 86%)
reFX Nexus (20% on plugin and expansions)
Reveal Sound Spire  (33% off)
r-loops (up to 90% on sample packs, presets, templates and more)
Sinevibes (50%)
Softube (various discounts)
Slate (50%)
Soundtoys (50%-80%)
Soundmorph (50% off all products with code BF2018)
Sound Radix (30%)
Sonic Couture (20-40%)
Spitfire Audio (25%)
Splice (2 months free for new users)
Spire [Reveal Sound] (30%)
Studio One 4 [Presonus] (50%)
SugarBytes (Up to 48% off)
Sylenth [Lennar Digital] (25%)
Synthmaster [KV331R] (55%)
Synchro Arts (they make VocAlign and ReVoice) (30%) (up to 80% off various items in store)
TAL (one of their plugins is the Juno clone U-NO-LX) (40%)
Toontrack (up to 80%)
Traxsource (20% off with code: TRAXGIVING)
UAD (“12 days of UAD”, every day a new 50% discount on certain plugins)
Ueberschall (up to 80% off storewide)
UVI (30%)
Vengeance VPS Avenger & expansions (25%)
Waves (run their usual $29/plugin, and give away a new De-esser)
Waves Factory (50%)
XLN Audio (50%)

Audiophile Music Group is a collection of fanatical electronic music lovers that translated our passion for the music and culture into a multi-faceted record label chain in late 2012 starting with our now retired Audiophile Live label. Since then we have launched Audiophile Deep, Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Records, Bodhi Collective, and Eukaryota and have helped to launch the careers of thousands of artists across an ever expanding line of genres.


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