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Audiophile Prophiles: Aidin Hafezamini

What’s up Aidin? Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and your background in electronic music?

Hey. Thanks for having me! Ive been staying busy, finishing music for the coming year, working on client stuff, engineering on the side and giving ableton lessons in my off time. I was born in Toronto but grew up in Dallas so I’ve been fortunate to have been a part of the scene and coming up in the music culture here for the last 7 years. I always had a thing for good music and collecting tunes. Working with and being around older people, when I was 16 I got turned onto electronic music. The limewire discography rips when I was younger turned to mixes and zippy downloads and I was listening to anything from Deadmau5 one minute to the Terrace podcasts, a minimal-deep mix series, to Bun B and UGK.. and all this around the age of 16-17.

Ive done a fair amount as far as my time in the scene goes.. DJ’ing since I was 18, I’ve had weekly residencies, started a creative collective when I was 21 with friends throwing warehouse and DIY style parties, worked at a local record store mostly listing House and Techno records on discogs, and have been writing music for almost 5 years now. Ive been extremely fortunate to travel and play in places like Output’s Panther Room in New York and SXSW in Austin a couple of times as well as a few other out of town experiences. The last few years I’ve have been working Independently as an Audio Engineer in Deep Ellum close to downtown, here in Dallas. I’ve recently started a label “N Cue Music” with two of my mentors and good friends Demarkus Lewis and Joshua Kynd. I’ve also been heavily in the studio working with a new partner “Visions of Glosters” on a handful of analogue geared tracks were really excited to be putting forth!

Tell us how you got to this sound? What recently has landed you on this raw sound? 

I’ve always played and wrote music that I was into or I had a personal connection too, outside of that if I didn’t like it I just wouldn’t play it. It’s made me be a bit all over the place as far as playing what I like – it can be anything from some really dubby deep strong bassline sub rattling minimal to classic Chicago or New York style house. Over the years though with the weekly residencies and working at the record store I’ve figured out what sounds work when and with what situations/crowds. You go through quite a bit of music playing weekly and from there figuring out what you really like and don’t like is just a matter of time. Id say the more “analogue” tracky sound comes from my time at the record store. It was mainly a used shop with dance records anywhere from the late 80’s to current day releases, so lot of synths and drum machine based tunes. Definitely got my education in what sounds came from what periods, parts of the world, and what labels were the ones making moves back in the day. Also traveling was a big one as far as me hearing what the people in Detroit and New York are doing currently, which really motivated me to step up the quality of everything I was doing. They don’t play games.

How do you normally get your grooves started? 

Its never really the same for me, sometime ill start with drums, sometimes a melody, sometimes a sample im working around..Its always different, I do it so making music is always a fresh process, keeps it more interesting!

What’s a tool in the studio you haven’t been utilizing much until recently to get more out of your productions? 

I’ve actually recently shed off a lot of gear in the studio in favor of some select go to plugins that I know, and its been working for me..Ive been making it a point to focus on creating with less and using plugins that are giving me a certain sound or character im going after. Some of those new ones I’ve been diving into are Phoscyon by d16, Punchbox also a d16 plugin. Effectrix is a really good one for manipulating sounds and getting weird ideas you probably wouldn’t get otherwise too, I used to use it quite a bit but have gotten away from it the past couple of years.

Who are some of your favorite producers?

Seb Zito, Enzo Siragusa, Djebali type of sound has been working well for me and vining with what I’ve been doing lately. Some other producers that have been consistent for me guys like Demuir, Saytek, Onionz, Demarkus’ alias Niteski is putting out some really good stuff, Mr. C, Mathew Johnson, Danny Daze, hometown hero Maceo Plex are just to name a few.

Jimmy Freer is a founding partner in the Audiophile Music Group. With over a decade of experience as a label owner, DJ, producer, and a sound designer he strives to help push the joy of electronic music to fans around the world.


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