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Audiophile Prophiles: Adrian Hex

So Ian, you recently just changed DJ monikers from Dorian to Adrian Hex. Tell us a bit about the change!

So this was actually a bit forced. I chose Dorian initially because it was the scale mode I usually write in, and also was a bit of a darker name which is the vibe I am going for. After one of my earlier releases which gained a bit of traction called “U Sai”, I received a DM from a DNB producer called Dorian who was already established (also really good) and basically told me stop or legal action would be taken. Soooo, that was that. The new moniker took a bit longer than I wanted. I usually I think things are the most organic when it just kind of “comes to you” and for this new moniker, I wanted it to truly encapsulate my vision on where I wanted the vibe of my music to go, but also to start a base point for the world and potential marketing I would build around it. “Adrian” simply included my name and seemed like a good similar fit to “Dorian”, and Hex is going to play off of the type of vision that would be involved. My goal is to encapsulate people under a spell during my sets (Hex). A heavy hitting tech house with extremely weird FM tendencies. After talking to some peers it just stuck and I didn’t look back!

Well the new EP is pretty heavy hitting! What were the key ingredients in the making of it?

A lot of things.¬†I try to stay as organic as possible as far as processing is concerned. I want to be able to stay identifiable in such a big market. I design all my own synth voices in Massive and Serum. I think sound design is one of the last ways to really stand out as a producer and differentiate yourself from the rest which is crucial in this industry. I also used decapitator by SoundToys and Saturn by FabFilter for saturation. As far as mixing goes everything is usually stock ableton plugins, they usually always do the trick! Their new “Drum Bus” feature on 10 is amazing.

You hand picked Ocean Roulette for the task of remixing “Focus” in which he did an amazing job. What other young producers out there are you listening to?

Louis is a MACHINE! Oh man where to even start. Off the top of my head Brae, Vouti, Riffa, NiQW, Chick Iverson, Westend, MKJAY, John Summit, Nutty, and probably 8-9 others I’m forgetting. Each of these individuals put nothing but passion into what they do which ends up yielding an incredibly unique sound that adds diversity to the scene. It keeps me constantly motivated to do better every time I’m in front of the DAW.

So you’re originally from Pittsburgh. PA is widely known to have some of the best craft beers in the world. Got any favorites?

I’m actually more of a tequila guy, but¬†Yuengling is obviously legendary.

Let’s do some rapid fire. What would be your dream collab?

Joel Zimmerman.

Pizza or tacos?

Tacos… on top of Pizza.

What’s up next for Adrian Hex?

Got some cool stuff coming out on House Of Hustle on August 28th and a remix that will be for LATE NITE mid September. Currently working on a collab with Brae, and a collab with Westend which will be really exciting to wrap up. I also have another solo EP in the works which is about half done so needless to say there’s alot of stuff to do

Jimmy Freer is a founding partner in the Audiophile Music Group. With over a decade of experience as a label owner, DJ, producer, and a sound designer he strives to help push the joy of electronic music to fans around the world.


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