Audiophile Music Group

Producer Tools: Analog Snares & Claps Collection

Audiophile Music Group is ecstatic to announce our newest Audiophile sample pack ‘Analog Snares & Claps Collection’ that follows up our Analog Kick Collection that was released in April. We were pleased to see such a good response on it that we wanted to give something else away to the community. The collection includes 130 samples broken down into several processing categories such as:

  • Analog Classic Claps
  • Analog Filter Overdrive Claps
  • Tube Distortion Claps
  • Analog Classic Snares
  • Analog Filter Overdrive Snare
  • Tube Distortion Snares
  • Raw Modular Snares

This pack was recorded via a slew of high end drum machines and outboard gear including:
Elektron Rytm, Elektron Analog Heat , Teenage Engineering PO-12, Dave Smith Instruments Tempest, Moog DFAM, Moog Sub37, Waldorf Attack, Roland RS-5, Roland 808 & 909, Jomox XBase09, Vermona DRM 1, Aphex Aural Exciter , Trace Elliot Preamp, + More


Audiophile Music Group is a collection of fanatical electronic music lovers that translated our passion for the music and culture into a multi-faceted record label chain in late 2012 starting with our now retired Audiophile Live label. Since then we have launched Audiophile Deep, Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Records, Bodhi Collective, and Eukaryota and have helped to launch the careers of thousands of artists across an ever expanding line of genres.