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Audiophile Prophiles: Aylen

So Andrew, you’ve always been a multi genre producer but lately it seems like you’ve driven more into a more housier sound with your latest releases on Spinnin, Psycho Disco, Box Of Cats and now with us. Is this kind of the direction you are headed in full time?

Yeah I’ve been focusing my sound a bit more to what I like to hear personally when I’m out which is a bit deeper and sometimes weirder sounding. I’m also doing more of my bass related music under another project.

Oh thats interesting. Can you divulge more info on that, or is that super secret pinky promise classified?

I haven’t really openly talked about it yet, but we have a press shot for it so its not really a secret either. 😉

So tell us about the EP? This one is streaking thru the charts. Whats VST’s were crucial in the sound design for this one?

Honestly I can’t even remember what i used for some of it. I know I did a lot with audio processing, but also played around with fm8, massive, and serum.

You have some of the cleanest mixdowns we have ever heard. What’s a good tip you can give upcoming producers for quality mixdowns?

Listen on different speakers, listen on soundcloud, itunes, dj software, whatever. Do comparisons and find some friends who can give good feedback.

You’ve lived in Jersey most of your life. Were you ever considered for Jersey Shore? And could you out DJ Pauly D?

I mean i did watch that show religiously back in the day. Doubt I’d be considered for it though lol. And no one can out DJ Pauly D.

What’s upcoming for Aylen?

Got a track on the Psycho Disco compilaton later this month, an EP on Country Club Disco early Aug, an EP with my homie Torres on Psycho Disco in Sept, and a track coming on Botnek’s new label World Famous Headquarters date TBD. I’m also playing a boat party in NYC on the 28th, and NV’d Lounge in North Carolina on 29th of this month.

Jimmy Freer is a founding partner in the Audiophile Music Group. With over a decade of experience as a label owner, DJ, producer, and a sound designer he strives to help push the joy of electronic music to fans around the world.


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