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Audiophile Prophiles: Steady Rock

We had a chance to sit down with LA based producer/DJ Christian Hernandez, AKA Steady Rock. The 27 year old California native is having a breakout last 6 months with releases on Dirtybird’s Birdfeed, Main Course & Bruno Furlan’s new Whistle Records. His Audiophile XXL debut EP “Grippin 6” is out now!

So Christian, you actually started off as a hip hop DJ. Tell us about your transition to house music?

I would say my transition started when I met my now good friend Dj Dumpty. I was actually pretty closed off to dance music honestly but when I met him he introduced me to the world of House. He would play thumping tech house and I would listen and take notes. Honestly my mind was blown. From there on is where it starts for me.

Take us through your new EP on Audiophile XXL, “Grippin 6”. There are some serious sounds going on in this. What were some of your key plug-ins on making this?

I mainly used massive, sylenth and serum. I am comfortable with those plugins which makes it easier for me to come up with something quickly. I found some quirky and silly sounds and just kind of made it work with the EP. I think it’s important to take sounds and flip them to make them your own. I try my best to put my personality into my sounds.

Who are some producers that are catching your ear for this year?

Bump Ugly, Franklyn Watts, Walker & Royce, Ardalan & OMNOM are my favorites right now.

What’s up this summer for Steady Rock?

I’ve got another single on Audiophile XXL next month plus a release on Sinden’s Houseline. A few more that I can’t share just yet! As far as gigs, you can catch me in Arizona & Palm Springs next month and a few Space Yacht shows TBA!

Audiophile Music Group is a collection of fanatical electronic music lovers that translated our passion for the music and culture into a multi-faceted record label chain in late 2012 starting with our now retired Audiophile Live label. Since then we have launched Audiophile Deep, Audiophile XXL, Audiophile Records, Bodhi Collective, and Eukaryota and have helped to launch the careers of thousands of artists across an ever expanding line of genres.


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