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Audiophile Prophiles: Barbuto

Barbuto has been a rising force in the techno community with his relentless love for dark underground beats placing him at the forefront of not only Texas’ blossoming community, but internationally to boot. We finally caught up with him for a release on our Audiophile Deep label which came in the form of his massive ‘The Wolf Is Watching’ EP which hit stores today. We sat down to get an outlook on Barbuto’s musical life. So let’s dive in!

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Spicewood Texas, a tiny town about 45 minutes from Austin on Lake Travis. My girlfriend and I moved there in 2012 into a large 5 wheel RV. We renovated it to a live in music production studio. Surrounded by nature our days and nights are filled with hiking, DJing, producing music, meditating and hanging out. It’s very special. Before moving to Spicewood, I had been living in Austin for about 3 years after moving there from Los Angeles where I worked at a Porsche dealership. I did some DJing for fun at my friend’s nightclub “Dragon” in Hermosa Beach. I had been DJing for 8 years prior to that in Sacramento. Eventually, the Austin area became home and has been instrumental in being the perfect city to develop my DJing and producing. I am very focused on stress free living and being able to work on music every day. I have earned a good reputation around Austin as a mobile DJ, so I do that a little on the side. The first half of my life I lived for quite some time in Australia where I was born and had a stint as a serious competitive cyclist racing around Australia and Europe. It was in Europe, when I was racing bikes, that I was introduced to amazing nightclubs and dance music.

What was the defining moment that you knew you wanted to focus on techno?

1999 at an Intec party in San Francisco at a club called 1015 Folsom, Carl Cox was the headliner and was number 1 in the world that year. His sound back then was big room slamming Techno and he rocked it like no one else. Christian Smith was opening and was technically the first Techno DJ I saw live. This became a special moment recently, because last year I signed 3 tracks to Christian Smith’s Tronic label. Having grown up on rock and metal Techno made sense to me, because the energy is aggressive as is the way its played. After that party Techno became my favorite sound.

Texas has recently seen a meteoric rise of like-minded people in the underground. What’s your outlook for the next 5 years on this?

I love Texas. I love the people and the friendliness. I think there is potential but there needs to be way more people getting into DJing and producing and breaking out with great original records. It’s a producers world, so unless the music you are making is being played regularly around the world you wont get the respect you need to move foreword and upward. So, for the Texas scene to not be a short trend, I feel the local DJs need to rise up to be respected and supported by becoming nationally and internationally known artists. This will create longevity for Texas underground music.

A lot of people have different methods to their madness. How do you typically start tracks?

My ears hear the kick and low end over everything else so I typically start there. I get a low end drive going that is infectious then I will start playing with synths and chords over the top. 9 times out of 10 though, I will end up replacing the low end I started with.

Who are some producers you think the community should have their eyes on for 2018?

Deuce Parks, Raoul Facio and Dustin Holstberry for Texas and the United States. They will all break out in the next couple of years and have already signed to some mega labels (was I supposed to announce that?) Internationally – Diego Infanzon, Layton Giordani from New York will write plenty of top 10s this year and Weska from Toronto will be huge. I also really like Kaiser Souzai from Berlin, Nick Reverse, Hotten, and Made in Paris from Australia are coming up internationally too.

What’s something in the studio you can’t live without and why?

If its one thing it would be my UAD sound card and plug ins. They are awesome and get the music sounding pro. Not yet, but soon to be, can’t live without is my new Arturia Matrix Brute Synth. Its a lot to get around but the sound quality is truly outstanding. I also love my tuner app on my I Phone, so when I am quickly auditioning and clicking through sounds, I can easily see the key of those sounds. It’s a great tool.


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