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Audiophile Tech Tips: Cazztek on the flow of drums

Cazztek is a name that has been absolutely dominating what he likes to call the ‘bass tech’ realm. After a multi-year question of “who the hell is this guy?”, he recently announced this is a branch off in a new direction from his highly acclaimed Revolvr project – which gained prominence during the complextro era, specifically with his remix of ‘Beats Inside My Head’ with Donald Glaude. So let’s dive in with his tech tip!

I’m a big drum guy and love the intricacies and flow of percussion and drums. They can completely dominate the feel of a tune, horrible drums could even ruin a well composed tune. It can also get busy if you’re into complex drum tracks. Most guys throw all of their drums into one buss group/track. One of the things I like to do is actually have two; Group 1: Kick/Snare & Group 2: The rest of the drums/percs. I glue the kick and snare together with some compression, then I place a subtle sidechain on the second group which are the rest of the drums. Since in my realm of electronic music the kick and snare are the most dominant elements, pumping the rest of the drums and percs around them cleans up the mix and preserves punch while filling in the gaps in between and keeping the beat sounding full.


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