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Audiophile Prophiles: Wolf Story

There are many stories about wolves and hunters. From Little Red Riding Hood to the Chronicles of Narnia, one thing you can be sure of is that a wolf will never be too far from the action. Applying the mysticism of our canine friends to their musical output, Miami based duo Steve Sanx and Rico from Paris formed Wolf Story.

Tell us a bit about yourselves. 

Wolf Story is also known as Rico & Steve. Steve is from Lima Peru and Rico is from Paris, France. We both live in Miami.

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

Rico: I like to play basket-ball, I used to play for my city of Neuilly in France as a teenager.

Steve: My hobby outside of music is to make hand drawings plain black and white.

What artist or musician do you think had the most impact on the sound and style you produce today?

Steve: My influence right now comes from every good song I can play and enjoy without looking at the name who did it, whether it is a big or small artist, it’s all about appreciating what he or she came up with.

Rico: I prefer Black Coffee at the moment but I have a deep devotion for Laurent Garnier and Adam Beyer. 

What has been your most embarrassing moment while playing gigs around the world? 

Rico: I got kicked out from a club in Paris because I was smoking pot on the dance floor. I told the manager I was playing next and he let me back in. This was in my twenties. This wouldn’t happen today anymore hopefully.

Steve: At Stache in Fort Lauderdale, pressing the play button in the middle of my set and having to do like nothing happened. The show wasn’t really a big deal at that time, but to me, it was since I was learning my DJ skills. I have been producing music before I started djing with Rico.

What is most rewarding about being an artist? What makes it worth it?

Steve: The most rewarding experience for me is to be able to play our own music and see people dancing to it, it turns out all the time spent in the studio into a reward behind the decks.

Rico: Getting compliments about our sets during gigs and getting our music played by the big time Djs like Steve Lawler and so forth.

What releases do you have coming up? 

We have a song that was recently licensed by Defected, it will be out in March for their Miami Compilation.  There’s an EP with Ivan Pica coming out in March on the new Blackboard label launched by Supernova, a collab with Roland Clark coming out in April on KMS, an EP for Go Deeva and Yoshitoshi, a remix for Dantiez will be out on KMS and another remix for Enzo Siffredi for his Wired label…no date yet for those. Without mentioning a single named “We Party People” for the infamous Bodhi records!!!


Check out the link below to listen/download to Wolf Story’s newest release out now on Bodhi Collective.

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