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Audiophile Prophiles: Damon Hess

Damon Hess is a Sheffield-based Singer songwriter, Music Producer and DJ. In 2011, Damon formed rock/pop band ‘Littlecrazy’ with Jamie Pringle. The band went on to achieve global recognition in countries such as America and Canada with music videos ‘End with you’ and ‘Stone’. Damon Hess is also an House and Underground house Producer, currently holding 7 music week club charted top 10 hits.

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

I’m a big believer of staying healthy so I like going to the gym and keeping in shape but I do love my food, especially Chinese food.

What is your most memorable moment while playing gigs around the world?

I think my most memorable moment was when I was playing at Gran Canaria last year in front of 18,000 people and this guy gets up on stage and runs across it completely naked. It was quite the experience. Haha.

What has been your most embarrassing moment while playing gigs around the world?

Oh man.. my most embarrassing was probably when I was playing a sold out gig in Eden, Ibiza and it was very early in the morning after a long night and I had gotten a bit too drunk and pressed the stop button on the I got on the mic as quick as I could and apologized and continued the show. One must learn to stay sober when playing a set 😛

Who/What do you think is having the biggest impact on the music industry today (Good or Bad)?

People that are draining the scene, hard to answer as I’m very positive with all music as it’s all different for everyone.

If you had one thing to say to anyone trying to get into the music industry, what would it be?

Take your time, never give up and believe in yourself.  If you get knocked back, don’t feel it’s the end, believe in yourself and use different references from artists you like until you find your own sound.

What releases do you have coming up?

Watch out for my releases ‘The Moment’ with Gabrielle Sadiq & Shaggy and ‘Tempted’ with Deep Matter and Lydia Lucy, sometime in 2018.


Check out the link below to listen/download to Damon Hess’ newest release out now on Bodhi Collective.

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